Management System Policy


NRM adopts the following basic policies for integrated management system, perform and maintain the management system based upon the policis.

Basic Policy

  • Throughout the production process of minor metal, NRM evaluates the effect on the enviroment correctly and takes the necessary measurers to preserve nature, to protect it from contamination, and eventually to coexist with it.

  • NRM aims at supplying products that fulfill the customers' requirements stably and responds to the variable requirements flexibly.

April, 2021
Nobutaka YOSHIZAWA, President
Nippon Rare Metal, Inc.

Conflict-free Minerals Procurement Policy

  • Metals such as Gold, Tin, Tantalum, Tungsten (3TG) and Cobalt are called as Conflict Minerals, which are produced in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and its surrounding countries by abusing children in an extremely bad working environment through the production process. This is reported to have financed the armed groups in the region to hinder the healthy development of that part of the world. We commit ourselves to respect human rights through our responsible and ethical sourcing of metal activities in close cooperation with the concerned parties in supply chain.

April, 2021