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Nippon Rare Metal, Inc. has supplied high purity rare metal products with opt-electronics advanced technology industries since its foundation over the past half a century, making full use of the original technology and unique research and development power. Rapid globalization is in progress in the fields of economy, culture, politics, ecological issues and so on, and NRM is ready to play a role in building up the infrastructure which sustains the globalization. We are proud that our products are highly appreciated in the world-wide market, as a result of our constant research and development and the enhanced manufacturing technology, and that NRM is recognized as a supplier of key materials essential for the advanced industries.

Each company is challenged with the question how to contribute to constructing the sustainable and environmentally viable society. NRM will continue supplying the reliable products with required physical and functional properties stably, by using the long accumulated extra-high purification technology and the original know-how. This also helps NRM to recover the used scrap into high purity metal efficiently, which leads to saving energy and resource consumption. NRM continues striving to meet the up-to-date requirements, and to bear the responsibility of creating more comfortable and affluent society toward the future. We all look forward to your constant patronage.

Nobutaka YOSHIZAWA , President

Corporate Name

Nippon Rare Metal, Inc.

Yokohama Head office

  • High Purity Metals Refinement and Reclamation
  • Administration and Sales Department
  • Research and Development Department
  • Quality Assurance Department

2-15-1, Nakayama, Midori-ku, Yokohama 226-0019, Japan
TEL:#81-45-931-4841 FAX:#81-45-932-8401

head office

head office map

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Iwaki Plant

  • High Purity Metals Refinement and Reclamation

No.1-58, Yoshinosawa, Yotsukura-cho, Iwaki-city, Fukushima-pref. 979-0201, Japan
TEL:#81-246-32-2048 FAX:#81-246-32-2021

branch office

branch office map

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Year of foundation

July 31, 1958


20million Yen

Factory area

5,770m2(Yokohama Plant) / 18,264m2(Iwaki Plant)

Organization chart

Organization chart

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