• Atomic : 49
  • Mass Num : 114.82
  • specific gravity : 7.28
  • a melting point : 156.4℃


Indium is used in various applications such as dental use alloys, brazing material, vacuum packaging material in addition to the transparent electrode which shares the biggest usage and required quality, shape and properties differ depending on the application. NRM responds to those requirements flexibly.

Indium In 4N,5N Transparent electrode, semiconductor,
Low melting point alloy,
Brazing material, CIGS Solar cell
Ingot(1kg or 5kg),
granules , Fine powder , wire, foil, roll

Indium granule


Indium is shaped into 2mm to 3 mm diameter granules and the size distribution is narrowly controlled. This product is mainly used for evaporation and bonding material.

Indium fine powder


Indium fine powder is supplied in a narrow size distribution ranging about 25 to 45 μm diameter and in globular shape, which enables similar dispersion and is good for heat sink devices.

Indium Wire

Indium is supplied in wire wound around a reel. The size can be 0.5mm to 3.7mm diameter x 5 to 20 meters. The diameter limit exists depending on the length. For example, 2.0mm diameter is the maximum for 10-meter length wire.

Indium Wire size table
Diameter 0.5mm-3.7mm
Length 5, 10, 20meters

Indium Foil and Indium Roll

In foils and rolls are supplied in customized shape (thickness and size), from 50μm thickness or thicker. Our standard products include 100 mm square, 120 mm square and 150 x 340mm. Please consult us for your customized size.

Indium Foil size table
Thickness 0.05-10mm(0.05mm刻み)
Width 10-500mm
Length 10-10,000mm

Indium alloy foils and wires

The following composition of Indium alloy foils and wires can be supplied.

Type In Sn Ag Zn
Foils 52 48
Foils 97-98.5 1.5-3.0
Foils 97 3
Foils 51.5 47.5 1
Wire 52 48


Note: for the available size of foils and wires, please refer to the
"Indium Foil and Roll" section.

For the other compositions of Indium alloy foils and wires,
please ask us for availability.

Indium(III) acetylacetonate

Can be used for raw material for producing Indium compound thin film.

Indium sulfate

Can be used for transparent conductive coating material, galvanizing material or electronic components.