Q.What is the recovery cost and yield rate?

A.It depends on the content, form, volume and other conditions. Please contact us for quotation.

Q.Does NRM buy scraps?

A.NRM purchases scraps of ITO, IZO, In/P, Ga/As, Ga/P, Selenium and its alloys and CIGS etc. Please contact us for quotation.

Q.What does CIGS solar cell stand for?

A.CIGS is an abbreviation for the elements of 'Copper, Indium, Gallium and Selenium' which forms a semiconductor layer to create solar cells. The production and sales volume of this type of solar cells is expected to grow rapidly in the coming few years, with the advantage of lower CO2 emission in the production process and after installation and of the relatively higher electricity conversion efficiency. NRM handles Indium, Gallium and Selenium out of the four elements and have sufficient know-how of recovery of those metals from the CIGS scrap as well as of virgin product distribution.

Q.Has NRM got any ISO certificate yet?

A.NRM has obtained ISO9001 and ISO14001 in 1996 and 1999 respectively.

Q.What does Rare Metal stand for?

A.''Minor metal'' is correct English term, but ''Rare Metal'' is commonly used in Japan. Metals which are rarely found in the nature or hard to extract are categolized as minor metals. The metals are indispensable for the advanced technologies such as electronics/opt-electronics products, automobiles, medical equipment, communication and IT products and so forth. Recovery of minor and precious metals from the so called 'urban mining' (collection of wastes of home appliances and electronic products) has become an up-to-date issue tackled by several companies. 31 kinds of elements including the Indium, Gallium, Selenium and Tellurium which NRM handles are specified as minor metals in Japan.


Q.What is the use of Selenium?

A.Selenium was widely used for photo-conductor in the photo-copiers in the past, but it has recently applied for medical X-ray sensor such as mammography etc. and is also applied for CIGS solar cell.

Q.Does NRM supply Selenium alloys?

A.NRM supplies Se/Te, Se/Na and so forth in accordance with users' requirement

Q.Does NRM handle Se doping with other metals?

A.Yes, NRM handles Se/As, Se/Na etc doping on customers’ demand.

Q.How the Selenium is packaged?

A.NRM normally supply Selenium in N2 gas purged PE bag and packaged in 25-liter pail.

Q.What is the granule size of Selenium?

A.Selenium in wet shot is supplied in 2 to 3.5mm.

Q.What are the recommended conditions to store Selenium?

A.Please store in dark and cool place (preferable in less than 25 centi-degrees) to keep the Selenium in amorphous.

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Q.What is main application of Gallium?

A.Gallium is mainly used for LED, Laser Diode and mobile phone device, often in the form of Ga/As or Ga/P compounds. It is also used in the CIGS solar cell. Ga2O3 is used in the IGZO target, fluorescent substance, powder device and so forth.

Q.What is the melting point?

A.Among the minor metals, Gallium is noted for its low melting point at 29.8 centi-degrees, therefore it is often used for low melting point alloys.

Q.How Gallium is supplied?

A.NRM supplies in 1kg or 2.5kg bottles

Q.Does NRM handle Gallium Oxide and Gallium Nitride?

A.NRM handles both Gallium oxide and Gallium Nitride. Please refer to the Product=> Gallium page.

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Q.What is the use of Indium?

A.The major volume (about 80%) of total supply is for tranparent electrode in the Flat Display Panels(FDP), and the rest is for bonding material, low-melting point alloys, and Indium has started to use in the CIGS solar cells.

Q.In which size the Indium granules are supplied?

A.NRM supplies Indium granules in 2mm or less diameter.

Q.What does ITO stand for?

A.ITO stands for Indium and Tin Oxide compound, which is used for FDP transparent electrode.

Q.What is the Indium ingot size?

A.NRM supplies Indium ingot in 1kg or 5kg.

Q.In which size Indium foils are supplied?

A.Please refer to the Product => Indium page.

Q.Does NRM handle ITO?

A.NRM does not handle ITO itself.

Q.How about Indium Oxides and Tin Oxides?

A. NRM supplies SnO2 for ITO material, but does not supply In2O3 any longer. For SnO2, please refer to Product=> Oxide pages.

Q.Does NRM handle Indium in nano powder?

A.Please consult with us.

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Q.What is the use of Tellurium?

A.Tellurium is mainly used for the additive for free cutting steel, vulcanizing accelerator, iron casting and catalyst. It is also used for peltier device and Cd/Te solar cells.

Q.In what forms are the Tellurium supplied?

A.Tellurium is supplied in ingot, powder or dendrite.

Q.Does NRM handle TeO2?

A.NRM handles TeO2. Please refer to the Product => Tellurium page.

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Alloys, Oxides and Solutions

Q.(Alloys) What kind of alloys does NRM supply?

A.NRM supplies several different types of alloys in combination of Ga, In, Sn, Bi and others. The melting point ranges from 8 to 200? or higher in accordance with the customers requirement. Please refer to the Product==> Alloys page for details.

Q.(Oxides) What kind of Oxides does NRM supply in which grades?

A.NRM supplies In2O3, Ga2O3, TeO2, SnO2, Bi2O3 etc. in 99.99% or 99.999% grade. Please ask us for other oxides. Please refer to the Product=> each product page.

Q.(Acid Solutions) What kind of acid solutions does NRM supply?

A.NRM supplies Na2TeO3, InCl3, H2SeO3 solutions in the required density. Please refer to the Product page.

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